Umrah Visa

Umrah Visa Requirements

            • Visa application form (Download & Fill in block letters) and two recent color photographs (4 x 6 cm taken on a white background). 
            • A Passport valid for at least 6 months from the application date.  
            • Ladies & children must provide proof of relationship with their Mahram [Mahram is male companion travelling with them on umrah trip to Saudi Arabia] .
            • Non British applicants must provide original permanent resident card or passport showing their residence status in UK. 
            • Vaccination certificate meningitis must be mentioned code ACYW135 in certificate and stamp & signed by doctor.
            • For those who have converted to Islam, a certificate of conversion from your mosque is required it must be an original and signed by an imam & stamped by the mosque.
            • Minimum age of Mahram is 17 years.

Procedure of applying for Umrah Visas 

  • On receipt of above mentioned documents, we will submit online application to Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia.
  • On receipt of visa approval from Ministry of Hajj; umrah visa application is submitted to Saudi Arabian embassy London with original passport, visa application form, photos & meningitis certificate. Saudi Arabian embassy endorse visa on applicant passport and returned to us. 


Conditions of Umrah Visas  

    • Umrah visa valid for one month from the date of issue. 
    • Maximum stay on Umrah visas is 30 days in Saudi Arabia. Overstay is illegal and have a high risk of being charged a penalty and prosecution in Saudi Arabia. 
    • Umrah visas are not accepted from individuals on visitor status to UK.
    • Travellers must enter & exit Saudi Arabia with their Mahram otherwise boarding will be denied.